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 Machine Applications

High performance stretch film manufactured specifically for machine applications. Narrow widths for machine bundling applications and wider widths for pallet wrapping are available. Special applications including one-sided cling, color tints, color opaque, and printed films are also available.

  Machine Film
High performance cast stretch film for machine applications.
 High perfomance machine film available in clear, tints and opaques ranging in guage from 50 to 200.
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Available in widths ranging from 3" to 70".
A variety of gauges available ranging from 50 to 200 gauge.
Available in color tints and opaques.
High perfomance machine film available in clear, tints and opaques ranging in gauge from 50 to 200.
 GOODWRAPPERS Identi-Wrap® 2, 3, 5 and 20 inches

GOODWRAPPERS offers IDENTI-WRAP for machine applications in addition to hand wrap applications. Two methods of application are available:

Machine rolls with printing and



A bracket attachment for semi-automatic stretch wrap machines.

Adding printed messages to machine rolls allows you to identify, pilfer proof, and protect your shipments with one process. Ideal for completely automatic machines, the continuous print gets the message or company logo on every inch of your shipment providing a pilfer deterrent that is easily detected when the film has been cut.

For semi-automatic machines, GOODWRAPPERS offers the IDENTI-WRAP bracket attachment. This attachment is mounted next to the machine roll allowing the printed film to be "fed" in during the wrapping process. The attachment has tension adjustments which allow back tension to be applied to the roll for even film application. The operator hand feeds to start the printed wrap. When complete the operator cuts the film. With the brackets the printed film can be added in on the last wrap, sandwiched between the clear stretch film and the shipment, providing the most economical form of pilfer-proofing available on the market.
  • Printed products for high speed machine applications or semi-automated applications.
  • Special patented lamination process prevents ink breakdown and transference to product.
  • Direct lamination to machine rolls provides continuous wrapping for high speed-completely automated wrapping lines.
  • Brackets for semi-automatic applications let the operator add printed messages to random shipments without master roll change over.

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