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When moving pallets across the warehouse or shipping short distances, a wrap around the top or middle of a load is all that is needed. GOODWRAPPERS SMALL ROLLS helps reduce cost with these applications.

Replace old stabilizing methods like taping, strapping and strings. GOODWRAPPERS film "recovers" after stretching to form fit the load. Unlike tape, string, and strapping, the film continues to form fit even after the load settles with moving. GOODWRAPPERS SMALL ROLLS will not work loose.

GOODWRAPPERS SMALL ROLLS will hold better at a less expensive material cost than these old fashioned methods.

Top banding for in-house moving or across town deliveries.
Stabilize loads when moving from production to a stretch wrap machine.
Economical replacement for tape, strings, and strapping when stabilizing.
Hold packages in place when building loads.
Stabilize last minute add-on to a shipment.
 GOODWRAPPERS SR (small rolls)stabilize loads as they are built, moved around the wa=earhouse, or shipped across town. Request a Quote
 Available as a self-contained hand wrapper in 5 GOODWRAPPERS SMALL ROLLS comes in a variety of "stock gauges" (80 gauge - 150 gauge depending on width) in both cast and blown films. The 10" product comes completely self-contained with built in handles and hand braking systems. The 5" product is produced in a variety of packages including completely self-contained with handles on both sides, completely self-contained with a handle on one side, or with a reusable one hand dispenser.
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 GOODWRAPPERS Very Small Rolls.
Fasten movable parts in transit.
Band sofa skirts for production, covers to open containers, plastic bags to trash cans, and top sheeting to pallets.
Bundle parts when packaging, files for storage, letters for mail, letter trays when transporting, and multiple packages when mailing or shipping.
Film continually recovers to its original form to hold bundles as they settle in shipment.
 GOODWRAPPERS VSR (very small rolls) Available in convenient small packs on 1 core or larger more economical packages on 1 3/4 cores.
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 GOODWRAPPERS VSR (Very Small Rolls) is ideal for bandling and fasting without marring packages.
Banding, bundling and securing product has never been easier or more economical than with GOODWRAPPERS VERY SMALL ROLLS.

GOODWRAPPERS VERY SMALL ROLLS secures the product without marring the package's surface. Since the narrow width stretch film clings to itself without adhesives, it is easily removed without tearing surfaces or leaving sticky residues behind.

Providing a tight-secure bundle, GOODWRAPPERS VSR has replaced many old fashioned packing products like tapes, string and strapping. The VSR dispenser provides total tension control with a squeeze of a hand, preventing the film from digging into the product like strapping, string and tape. The ergonomically designed three piece braking system under the hand brake allows the operator to squeeze for 100% control over the tension while reducing wrist fatigue.


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