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The SATELLITE SYSTEM is the first step to adding automation to your wrapping process. The turntable can be used in conjunction with any of the GOODWRAPPERS products to make wrapping pallets by hand easier.

GOODWRAPPERS Satellite Wrapping System
Increases wrapping productivity.
Inexpensive way to begin automating your shipping area.
Spot multiple turntables in different locations to increase wrapping efficiency.
Use with GOODWRAPPERS HANDWRAPPERS or REPLACEMENT ROLLS to protect operator's hands from the friction heat generated by the 11 RPM turntable.
Easy 5-sided wrap in minimum work area.
 GOODWRAPPERS Satellite Wraping System an affordable, easy way to wrap pallets with GOODWRAPPERS HANDWRAPPERS.
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 GOODWRAPPERS Satellite turntable comes with a foot switch for easy operation.
GOODWRAPPERS SATELLITE WRAPPING SYSTEM, a stationary turntable system, increases wrapping output while reducing labor costs.

Operated by a foot switch, the SATELLITE SYSTEM rotates the pallet as the operator stands still applying the stretch wrap.

The 110/220 volt - 3/4 horse power motor (11.2/5.6 amps) is conveniently mounted under the turntable. The SATELLITE's 48" inch diameter turntable can accommodate a 2,500 lb. capacity load.

The SATELLITE SYSTEM runs at 11 RPM. GOODWRAPPERS offers a one year warranty on the SATELLITE SYSTEM for any part found to be defective in either material or workmanship when operated under normal conditions.


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