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When loads go long distances, a pallet needs more than a couple bands of stretch film around the top. For complete pallet protection during long distance shipping a pallet needs to be unitized-wrapped top to bottom. GOODWRAPPERS 15", 20", and 30" handwrappers are ideal for unitization. Bagged goods (i.e. -fertilizer of chemicals), boxed goods (i.e.-photographic film or butter), and bottled goods (i.e.-soda and beer) head the list of interesting GOODWRAPPERS applications. Unitizing loads for in-plant storage also helps protect them from dust, dirt, and warehouse debris-giving you a load that is factory fresh, just like the day it came off the production line.
 GOODWRAPPERS HandWrappers - 15, 18, 20 and 30 Inches
Tight wrap keeps shipments together during shipping.
Protects pallet loads from dust and dirt.
Reduces pilferage and tampering.
Light-weight, easy to transport. Operator can use anywhere.
Easy 5-sided wrap in minimum work area.

 GOODWRAPPERS Handwrappers are ideal for load Unitization  Request a Quote
 The 15, 18, 20, and 30 are packaged 4/1,000' rolls per box and stand upright on a skid. Unstable heavy loads?
Shipping long distances?
Need complete encapsulation?

Wrapping the load from top to bottom (complete unitization) is the answer. Use GOODWRAPPERS HANDWRAPPERS. These light weight easy-to-use products come complete with film supply, built-in handles and flexible handbrakes. No assembly or extra parts required. The hand brakes protect the operator’s hands from friction heat. Without the pain from friction heat, the operator squeezes more for maximum film stretch - getting the tightest - most secure wrap possible. Once done with the film supply, throw out the core and hand brakes and grab another roll. GOODWRAPPERS offers 4 sizes for pallet unitization - 15", 18", 20" and 30". Available in a variety of thicknesses (50 gauge to 200 gauge) GOODWRAPPERS HANDWRAPPERS is manufactured in both cast and blown films.

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GOODWRAPPERS - Replacement Rolls - 12, 15 and 18 Inches
Ideal for load and shipment protection.
One set of handles per case helps reduce the ease of our self-contained products.
Reduces pilferage and tampering.
Compact design promotes easy maneuverability for 5-sided wrap in a minimum work space.
 Replacement handles provide an economical alternative to Goodwrappers self-contained design.
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 Each case of Replacement rolls comes with one set of reusable handles with Goodwrappers handbrakes. REPLACEMENT ROLLS take the efficiency of the GOODWRAPPERS hand braking system and use reusable dispensers, creating the most efficient - economical way to wrap pallets. The hand brakes on the dispenser help reduce friction heat allowing the operator to squeeze without pain. With a tighter squeeze, more tension is applied to the film. A tighter - more secure wrap using a minimum amount of stretch film is achieved. REPLACEMENT ROLLS come with 4 rolls and 1 set of reusable dispensers per case. When done wrapping, remove the dispensers and use them in the next roll. A smaller than the industry-standard core size reduces roll weight and increases maneuverability. Available in cast film in 12", 15", and 18" widths and in 60, 70 and 80 gauge. Special sizes and gauges are available upon request.

 GOODWRAPPERS - 3 Inch Core Handwrap - 12, 15 and 18 Inches
Standard Handwrap on 3" I.D. cores in 12", 15" and 18".
Cast film available in a variety of gauges ranging from 50-200 gauge.
Available in colors tints and opaques (Call 1-800-638-1127 for colors and availability.)
 Conventional 3 Inch I.D. core handwrap available in clear, tinits and opaques  Request a Quote

 GOODWRAPPERS - Generic and Disposable - 10, 15, 20 and 30 Inches
Hand film with plain fiber core extensions.
Available in standard runs of 10", 15", 20" and 30".
Gauges range from 50 -200 gauge.
Color tints and opaques available
 Handwrap with built-in handles in a variety of widths and gauges.  Request a Quote

 GOODWRAPPERS - Generic and Disposable - 10, 15, 20 and 30 Inches
Protects loads from dust, dirt, and other particles that might damage loads.
Cover loads when storing.
Resists moisture.
Use with stretch wrap machines to cover tops of loads.
Hang in the back of trucks to keep weather and road elements from getting to loads.
Cover surfaces while painting, moving, refinishing, or assembly.
Cover open containers.

Protect pallet tops from dust, dirt, and debris allowing shipments to arrive factory fresh. GOODWRAPPERS Top Sheeting eliminates the need for big bulky top sheeting rolls. The light weight, easy-to-apply dispensing system provides you with convenience and portability.


 Handwrap with built-in handles in a variety of widths and gauges.  Request a Quote

 Handwrap with built-in handles in a variety of widths and gauges.

Each roll holds 75 - 1.25 mil polyethylene sheets that are J-folded and perforated every 60". Easily separated at the J-fold, each sheet opens to a 60" X 60" sheet. The perforation provides for easy tearing eliminating the need for a knife.

The specially designed brackets hold the roll and acts like your hands. By adjusting the knob on the bracket, it squeezes the hand brakes like your hand. This creates back tension for easy tearing on the perforation. The brackets can be mounted anywhere - shelving, racks, even a stretch wrap machine.

Available in a starter kit with 1 top sheeting roll, the brackets require no assembly. Refill cases can be purchased with 4 rolls per case.


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