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 Corporate Profile

Increased productivity is key in today's competitive environment. Keeping costs down by efficient manufacturing is important. The products that you buy to achieve this are just as important. GOODWRAPPERS stretch wrap products manufactured by J. C. PARRY & SONS, INC. can help you achieve this efficiency.
Corporate Headquarters for J.C. Parry and Sons Inc.
GOODWRAPPERS Corporate Headquarters for J.C. Parry $ Sons, Inc. 
Over 20 years ago GOODWRAPPERS revolutionized the hand wrap/stretch wrap industry with the first completely self-contained/disposable hand wrap. By offering a complete package-film supply with built in dispenser utilizing our hand braking system-GOODWRAPPERS brought efficiency and convenience to handwrap.

GOODWRAPPERS products revolve around our patented hand braking systems which offers the operator the most efficient means of dispensing handwrap on the market. The hand braking system:
  • Protects the operator's hands from friction heat.
  • Gives the operator total tension control with a squeeze of the hand.
  • Provides the operator with maximum film stretch with tightest, most secure wrap in hand wrap.
Wear pads are molded into the hand brakes to help dissipate the friction heat that is generated when the operator squeezes for film tension. No heat means no pain. No pain means the operator squeezes more getting the most stretch from the film.

Getting a high quality product that works all the time eliminates any unnecessary down time.
GOODWRAPPERS only uses premium machine grade stretch film. Unlike some hand products that use seconds or reprocessed film, the premium film that GOODWRAPPERS uses insures high performance. Special check weighers used in our production lines ensure that you get the right thickness and footage in each case.

GOODWRAPPERS manufacturers innovative products that provide different ways to reduce labor and get the job done right the first time. As the leading innovators in disposable hand wrap products, GOODWRAPPERS introduced the first disposable hand wrap on the market in the late seventies. In the early eighties we were the first to offer narrow width stretch film. In the mid eighties, we were the first to add printed messages to stretch film. We have continued to improve upon old ideas and provide new and different ways of dispensing stretch film.

Product Range
GOODWRAPPERS manufactures products for hand wrap and speciality machine wrap applications in widths ranging from 1" to 70". Requests for wider widths are handled on an application-by-application basis. GOODWRAPPERS offers a variety of other products which include opaque films, tinted films, pallet netting, top sheeting, IDENTI-WRAP, (printed messages in stretch film), and narrow width stretch film.
GOODWRAPPERS products are sold through a network of top of the line packaging distributors.

To find you local GOODWRAPPERS Distributor, call 1-800-638-1127.

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